Grocery Store

One, Stop, Shop

Muslim Women Resource Center Store, a social enterprise started in May 2015, is a new initiative started by the Muslim Women Resource Center designed to change the way we perceive donations.

In a world where information moves at the speed of light and communication is a click away, instant gratification isn’t soon enough. We start suffering from donor fatigue when we constantly give, but never knowing where our money is going. Changing the ideology of social services, Sima Quraishi has seamlessly brought together the intangible act of giving Zakat with the physical. With the advent of the Muslim Women Resource Center Store, Donors can now see where their money is going.

With every dollar spent, you are providing the Resource Center with a stable income to not only sustain the organization, but also allow the start of other projects and services as well. It is also completely run by very people it is helping. In addition, you can also sponsor a Refugee family by purchasing a gift card from the store, or basically shop for them.

 One of the first of its kind in the Muslim community, where every dollar spent goes back to supporting and helps continue the many achievements the Resource Center has accomplished thus far.

Located at 2727 W. Devon Ave., right in the heart of the South Asian community, competition is fierce but what this Store has to offer is so much more. Offering a wide array of international food products and general merchandise, this is the perfect place to stop by and take care of your weekly shopping.

2727 W.Devon Ave.
Chicago, IL 60659

Phone: (773)-904-2360