Healthy Living

Healthy Living:

Healthy Living Programs are offered through a variety of programs and services. Some of the services MWRC offers include Hepatitis B awareness and education, Colon Cancer awareness, Women’s Health, Immunization Campaigns, Diabetes, CPR and First Aid Certification, Breast and Cervical Cancer prevention, and much more. Free health screening is provided through annual health fairs and community outreach activities.

Women Circle

Women’s Circle facilitates cultural orientation and integration, and provides social outlets to decrease social isolation, and promote women’s healthy living.  Women need to be in connection with each other in order to have positive change, open up, heal and grow. The Women Circle meet monthly to talk about a specific topic, such as depression, family unification, employment, or simply assist them with their resettlement. 
When women come together in Women’s Circle to share, listen actively, and participate in gender-relevant activities and discussions, the bonds they form are extremely supportive and they feel that they are no longer alone and that they have someone to help and support them. This connections helps women with self-confidence, self-expression, risk-taking, reflection, as well as interpersonal skills.
For more information or if you want to join our next session, please call us at 773-764-1686.